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Counseling Psychologists of Woodbury brings to you a team of licensed mental health professionals with over 165 years of combined experience. When you choose our therapists to help you overcome the problems that prevent you from feeling peace and joy, you are choosing professionals who will join with you in a journey back to yourself and the people you love. Let us help you discover the answers and the peace that you are hoping to find. Our work is healing, empowering and transforming.

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Teen and Young Adult Counseling

Teen in Counseling SessionThe world has changed rapidly in the past few years, with increasing numbers of young adults returning home to live with their parents. At the same time, we are seeing our teens grow up far too quickly, thrown into adult situations without the maturity or resources to navigate them effectively. The result is depression, anxiety and breakdowns in communication that sometimes can feel chaotic.
Our therapists are parents themselves, and can help you create a plan for parenting your teens and young adults that will help them launch effectively into their own future life away from home.  Our therapists also are very good at connecting directly with teens and young adults to provide them with wise guidance as they become more independent, and can help your teen or  young adult overcome the emotions and behaviors that are putting them at risk. 

Many parents decide their teens need another adult to talk to, an adult trained in counseling and psychology, when they see signs of serious problems such as:

Parents of young adults often seek out a psychologist or counselor for their adult child when they see similar signs, but also some signs unique to young adults struggling to launch, such as:

If your teen or young adult child is struggling to launch or showing signs of being at risk and you are at your wits end figuring out how to help, call us today to set up a first appointment.  To learn more about our therapists who love working with teens and young adults, visit the pages of:

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