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Counseling Psychologists of Woodbury brings to you a team of licensed mental health professionals with over 165 years of combined experience. When you choose our therapists to help you overcome the problems that prevent you from feeling peace and joy, you are choosing professionals who will join with you in a journey back to yourself and the people you love. Let us help you discover the answers and the peace that you are hoping to find. Our work is healing, empowering and transforming.

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Parent Coaching

Good ParentingNo one ever told you that parenting was going to be this painful, did they? Schools do not require us to complete a Parenting 101 class, do they? So where were you supposed to learn how to do this? If you are struggling at any stage of your parenting journey, our therapists want to join you in figuring out what YOUR child needs, and to help you identify the strategies that will work for YOU. Parenting hurts as much as it brings joy. Let us help you increase the joy!

Parents look for a psychologist or counselor to provide parent coaching for many reasons, most often when one of these 5 situations occur:

Don’t wait any longer.  Our therapists truly can help you navigate the parenting waters.  Call today to set up a first appointment.  To learn more about the therapists at Counseling Psychologists of Woodbury who specialize in parent coaching, visit any of these professionals:

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