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Counseling Psychologists of Woodbury brings to you a team of licensed mental health professionals with over 165 years of combined experience. When you choose our therapists to help you overcome the problems that prevent you from feeling peace and joy, you are choosing professionals who will join with you in a journey back to yourself and the people you love. Let us help you discover the answers and the peace that you are hoping to find. Our work is healing, empowering and transforming.

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Marriage Counseling

Couple not talkingYou probably never thought your most important relationship would get to this point. Whether it is because of an extramarital affair, conflict that never seems to end, or financial strains tearing you apart, you are here because you still hope that someone will help you find your way back to the loving intimacy you both deserve.
No one will fight harder to save your marriage than our therapists. No one will more willingly join you where you are to help you find your way to a better place in the life you are sharing with each other.

Marriage Counseling can help the two of you to:

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Call us today to set up your first appointment, and we will walk with you as you rediscover why you fell in love in the first place.

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