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Counseling Psychologists of Woodbury brings to you a team of licensed mental health professionals with over 165 years of combined experience. When you choose our therapists to help you overcome the problems that prevent you from feeling peace and joy, you are choosing professionals who will join with you in a journey back to yourself and the people you love. Let us help you discover the answers and the peace that you are hoping to find. Our work is healing, empowering and transforming.

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Group Counseling

Special Moms' Groups:

Ongoing, open-ended group for moms of children with special needs.  We provide a safe place for you to be heard, supported, encouraged and validated.  Parenting children with special needs, no matter their age, is not easy.  If you have a child of any age with autism, ADHD, other learning disabilities, developmental disabilities, or other health impairments, we want you to know that -- You are not alone!

8-week educational support group for moms who want more information about parenting children with special needs.  Meeting every other week with other moms and a facilitator allows you to learn more about yourself as a parent on this not-so-typical journey, to identify your goals for your child and identify resources to help you get there, and to experience all of this in a way that is supportive as well as challenging.

Coming Soon:

Moving toward independence:  An open-ended group for young adults, ages 17 to 22, who are on the path toward independent living but have hit some snags along the way.  This group will meet weekly, and will focus on the emotional skills that are necessary to manage life living on your own.  Watch for an upcoming announcement with more details.

Grief Support Group:  This is a weekly group to provide counseling and support for anyone who has lost someone important to them and needs a safe place to work through feelings connected to this loss.  Watch for an upcoming announcement with more details.

Girls Talking:  This is a weekly support group for teen girls (ages 12 to 17) who thrive when they have a safe place to talk about all that it means to be growing up as a girl in this world.  Watch for an upcoming announcement with more details.

Other services you may find helpful: