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Depression Treatment

Depressed Woman needs helpDid it sneak up on you? Or did you wake up one morning and just not want to get out of bed? Depression is one of the mental health issues that can be life threatening. Do not wait to talk with someone about feeling sad, hopeless, helpless, or angry almost all of the time.
If you are not sleeping well, have experienced a change in appetite and weight, no longer find life enjoyable, please call today to talk with one of our therapists to get yourself moving and feeling better again.

5 Symptoms of Depression that should say to you, “Please have a licensed professional take a look at this!”

You are having trouble sleeping.

You feel exhausted at the end of the day, but when you go to bed, as soon as your head hits the pillow, you are WIDE awake!  It takes hours before you can finally fall asleep.
Or maybe instead, you are so tired throughout the day, that you spend hours napping.  And, then when you go to bed, you sleep all night long, only to wake up still feeling tired.
Perhaps the trouble you are having with sleep is different.  You can fall asleep just fine.  But in the early hours of the morning something wakes you up.  It could be a trip to the bathroom, or just one of those changes in sleep cycles. 
What wakes you up, though, doesn’t matter as much to you as the fact that you can’t fall BACK asleep!  You lie there watching your alarm clock as the minutes, and then hours, tick by.  And you lie there knowing that your next day will be hard to get through because once again, you will be SO tired.

You notice that your appetite is different.

Sometime in the past 6 months, you notice that your clothes don’t fit as well as before.  You notice that you are hungrier than usual, or that you always seem to crave high carb, high fat foods.  You have gained close to 10 pounds or more.
Or, maybe instead, you have lost your appetite.  Nothing looks or sounds good to you when mealtimes roll around.  And, you finally begin to notice that your clothes seem looser.

You feel irritable quite frequently.

Everyone has a grouchy day now and then.  But, you are noticing that you are grouchy more often than not. Just about everything seems to set you off. It’s almost like you have no reserves left to manage even small stressors.

 You feel sad, or blue, most days.

You cannot seem to shake that blue-nothing-matters frame of mind.  It seems like you can find no joy in day-to-day living, and the activities you normally enjoy, just do not capture your interest any more.  In fact, the more you think about it, you are realizing that almost all of your thoughts are doom-and-gloom negative, and people who love you are starting to get tired of hearing it.

 You feel hopeless about the future.

No matter how hard you try to see a light at the end of the tunnel, life just doesn’t seem worth the struggle.  You find that you feel defeated, like no matter what you do, you cannot see meaning in your life.  Every now and then, you even begin thinking that you just want the pain of living to stop.  This is a flashing DANGER sign – please call for help – TODAY!

If you find that any of these signs are what you are experiencing, it is important that you do not wait.  You need to talk to your doctor, or to one of our counselors.  Depression is a medical illness that responds to treatment.  With treatment, you will start to feel hopeful again, and you will begin to experience joy in your life once more.  Call us today to set up a first appointment, and we will help you fight against depression and win your life back!

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