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Counseling Services

Individual Counseling

You likely have been thinking about seeing a counselor for a while. You’ve been trying to move your emotions to a better place, but now you realize you can no longer do this alone. Psychotherapy can be hard and painful work as you struggle with the depths of depression or anxiety, recover from losses that have knocked you down…

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Marriage Counseling

You probably never thought your most important relationship would get to this point. Whether it is because of an affair, conflict that never seems to end, or financial strains tearing you apart, you are here because you still hope that someone will help you find your way back to the loving intimacy you both deserve.

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Family Therapy

In our fast-paced, electronic world, family life has never been more stressful. So many families are struggling to stay connected in real time, not just electronic time. Our therapists will help you work together as a family to identify the problems that are tearing you apart.

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Telehealth Counseling

Telemental Health is simply mental health treatment using a secure, interactive video and audio platform that allows you to work with a professional from the privacy of your home…

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Parent Coaching

No one ever told you that parenting was going to be this painful, did they? Schools do not require us to complete a Parenting 101 class, do they? So where were you supposed to learn how to do this? If you are struggling at any stage of your parenting journey.

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Depression Treatment

Did it sneak up on you? Or did you wake up one morning and just not want to get out of bed? Depression is one of the mental health issues that can be life threatening. Do not wait to talk with someone about feeling sad, hopeless, helpless, or angry almost all of the time...

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Anxiety Treatment

Are you a chronic worrier? Do you dread being seen in public? Are you constantly checking to make sure everything is okay? Or, do you simply have a general uneasiness and a sense that something is wrong? These are basic symptoms of anxiety that suggest you need to talk to someone about whether there are other signs of an anxiety disorder. 

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Trauma & PTSD

  No matter when the trauma occurred, it may still be impacting you and your relationships with people you love. Evidence-based treatment can help you recover and begin to thrive…

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Counseling Psychologists of Woodbury has merged with Natalis Counseling & Psychology Solutions

We are now known as Natalis Psychology Woodbury



Natalis Psychology Woodbury (formerly known as Counseling Psychologists of Woodbury) brings to you a team of licensed mental health professionals who are competent, caring, and accessible and who specialize across a broad array of issues that bring people to seek psychotherapy. When you choose our psychologists, counselors, social workers and psychotherapists to help you overcome the problems that prevent you from feeling peace and joy, you are choosing professionals who will join with you in a journey back to yourself and the people you love. Let us help you discover the answers and the peace that you are hoping to find. Our work is healing, empowering and transforming.


Natalis Psychology Woodbury offers both in-person sessions and sessions via HIPAA-secure telehealth platforms so that clients can choose what will work best for themselves.